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Digital locks are some of the most cost effective and reliable security solutions that help control access to restricted areas. They are mostly used in areas where cards or keys are not practical due to large volumes of people who enters and exit the restricted area. Digital locks are available in various models, which are designed to offer access control solutions for various areas. Some are designed for heavy duty applications and are mainly used with strong doors such as in banks and airports while others are designed for low-security requirements and are mainly used with cupboards’ doors.

If you are looking to improve the security of your business premises or your home, it is high time to invest in digital door locks such as Samsung and Yale digital locks. Digital locks include some beneficial features that suit your high-end security needs. The fact that there many varieties of the digital locks in the market make it easy to find a particular one that suits your specific safety requirements. Check various varieties of Samsung and Yale digital lock at Singapore Digital Lock and make an order for the right lock that meets your needs. Most digitals include a wide variety of Yale and Samsung Door locks that meet everyone lifestyles with various access methods such as passwords, fingerprints, RF Cards, Smart tag as well as mechanical override key. Most of the digital locks systems also feature modern-styled touch screen to display the inputs.

Electronic locks are mainly used to secure both public and private restricted areas. For instance, schools and hospital may install digital locks on various restricted areas of their premises to control access to different areas. Digital locks are very easy to use, and their operations are far much straight forward as compared to high-tech end access control systems such as biometric fingerprint reads. With the electronic locks, there is very little where you can go wrong. They are also very durable and once you acquire one, you will be able to use it for many years. They are easy to install as they come with everything necessary to install and also include an installation manual.

Electronic locks are programmable and can improve their functionality within a very short time if your feel that the security is compromised or if there some specific requirements for your organization. Here are some of the advantages of using electronic locks in your organization:

– There is more practical way of controlling access to restricted areas as compared to issuing students IDs or issuing teachers keys

– Allow customizations, and you can program to fits the needs of your organization

– Allows generation reports that make easy to account for attendance or track access to some restricted areas.

– Electronic locks are available in both low and heavy duty models, and you can easily find an affordable model that fit your needs.

– You can set entry times and even times to allow access freely. It is important to note that some restricted areas should only restrict on some particular hours and you can access to free passage during those hours.

There are many models of digital door locks to choose from, and depending on the security level, you need your digital lock supplier would advise on the moist suitable digital door lock for your case. Yale digital lock normally installs an override facility in addition to the access code. The override key ensures that you can still access the building even when the digital locks fail.

Yale digital lock, Samsung digital lock, Fingerprint Lock and Digital Lock

Yale digital lock, Samsung digital lock, Fingerprint Lock and Digital Locks are high-end digital locks with many convenient functions. These products always feature an aesthetic design that helps to enhance the appearance of the entry while securing it at the same time. The digital door locks ensure keyless convenience at your secured door. Select the best digital lock from the wide variety available online. Each of this solution offers an immediate door opening solutions, which add simplicity to your styles.

Types of access methods for digital locks:

Most modern electronic doors feature more than one access methods such as RFI, Biometric, Keypad, and Bluetooth. Most old electronic locks used keypads and used a pin as the input method. However, still, keypads are still popular although modern models come with a touch-screen for the panel for input. They also feature other security functionalities that help prevent burglars from figuring out the code.

1. RFID: RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) locks uses cards as in input. The RFID technologies are considered a more convenient way to access as you may even be required to remove the card from your pocket or purse.

2. Bluetooth: some advanced digital locks use Bluetooth technologies. Bluetooth technologies allow configuration of the digital locks to detect a RFID Locks as a secondary mean to access. With the Bluetooth access, the gate can be configured to open as you approach.

3. Biometric: biometric uses fingerprint as an input method to open the lock. It is also considered one of the most secure and convenient meant of accessing a restricted area.

Importance of hiring experienced Yale digital lock, Samsung digital lock, Fingerprint Lock & Digital Lock Supplier

With many years of experience, professional locksmith offers high-quality services tailored toward your specification. Before supplying and installing the lock, the technicians will first visit your premise and consult and understand your requirements. Professionals will help you to choose the best digital locks that fit the set requirement. They understand the importance of security at your home, and they normally design the security system with all the necessary considerations.

Well trained and experienced technicians understand the importance of emergency doors and are keen to install exit devices where necessary. With reliable and trustworthy technicians that have served many customers, you are sure your premises are well secured. They are equipped with all the necessary skills to ensure that the consultations and installation process is done with care. Our technicians install emergency exit devices by the international and legal authorities’ regulations.


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      Joscelin Celin

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