Why Choose Us To Supply & Install Your Yale Digital Lock?

Digital locks are new modern locks that allow you to protect your premises by basically entering a secret code into the key pad, an electronic key, a proximity cards or a remote control. Digital locks increase the safety and convenience of access of your property all in one. Digital locks are increasingly being used in Singapore and they are ideal for protecting your home or offices. Here are the reasons you need to visits us today for supply and installation of digital locks.

Singapore Digital Lock is the place to be when it comes to digital locks. We offer different services when it comes to digital locks. Our services range from supplying different types of locks to installations and also give other after sale services.

· In Singapore Digital Lock quality matter because we want to safeguard what you treasure including your life and wealth; and that is why we supply different types of digital locks of high quality. Our locks are of well know and trusted manufacture having undoubted quality. We have specialized in all Yale digital locks, Samsung digital locks and fingerprint locks. At Singapore Digital Lock it is our duty to advice our on type of digital door locks models depending on the level of security required.

· Our Yale digital locks are not expensive but affordable. They are also straightforward when it come to use and because we are on top of our game when it comes in installing digital locks for our clients they last for many years. We have professional experts that are specialized in digital lock and absolutely nothing can go wrong with what we offer to our clients.

· At Singapore Digital Lock we offer services of programming at any time to our clients to their specifications. We also reinstate our locks if compromised or change in staffs and update the codes for our clients. If the security is required only at a particular time we can programme our digital locks to operate in time of need like set free passage during the day and programme it to code only during the night hours.

Singapore Digital Lock offer clients’ advice on type of digital door locks types or models to use because we have variety depending on the level of security required. We also have expert who must visit your site before installation and give you advice on which digital locks to go for. Not all gates and doors fit each type of digital lock and our experts will advice on the model which best suits your gate or door.

· After installation our friendly staff will explain and guide you how to use the Yale digital locks and they can also assist in installing door closer. This softens the impact of the door closing which also extends the lifespan of your digital lock.

· Some of our digital locks comes with free hotline hence don’t fear when something is wrong the lock, just call use. Those that do not have Singapore Digital Lock provide its own and our customer care service staffs are always alert to give you the services that you want. We have also our website for more queries and view other services and supply we offer.

Singapore Digital Lock experts offer clients home automation services which involves integrating your digital locks to your home automated system. They can integrate your digital lock to an application on your phone hence if anything is happening at home you can get the alert on your phone. This means your sensors, cameras, security devices and others automated devices in your home can be linked to on hub. This enables protection and control of your home by use of your phone.

· In Singapore Digital Lock we offer digital locks that have alarm in them which goes off when there is break in by intruder. Moreover, some of the locks we offer have touch screen keypad having no mechanical buttons; this makes it hard for anybody to trace your pin code. There is also a function of faked pin, which can identify your pin code after random trail of numbers so that nobody can attempt to still your pin code.

· Many people wonders what on what will happens to digital locks when power is off, worry no more because Singapore Digital Lock digital lock are battery-powered. They can still work at blackout and offer you the protection you deserve. This have been the hesitations of many people for using digital locks but it is not now a major problem for us and we welcome you at Singapore Digital Lock to get your battery powered digital lock today.

· But after we have install the Yale digital key lock what is the benefits that you will gain from this so that you can come back with a friend? First you won’t need to carry keys everywhere you go or if you are landlord no need to give every resident a key. There will be also no break-ins from burglars because they are unable to bump the locks.

· Another advantage is that company building will have a control and you can restrict who goes in while in residents you can control your room so that nobody can access any room without being authorized. It’s also easy to change pin any time you feel it is necessary.

· Yale digital locks can also offer best solution for elderly and disable because they can be a massive advantage to those unable to close door quickly especially those who struggle with keys.

· Digital locks have also disadvantage and like you can forget key you can also forget the password or pin code and this will need you to change your pin code. Imagine you are in a rush to enter your room or building or it’s at night and you forgot the pin code. You will not want to change the pin code at that point in time.

· It’s also advice to maintain your Yale digital locks by keeping it safe and clean all the time. When some of digital locks have been used for few times the coat may start to wear away or have mucky fingerprints on the buttons. Cleaning and keeping the locks clean will stop unwanted people knowing your pin code. Don’t also share your pin with untrustworthy or unwanted people that can be bad news to you and your property.

You can see that all of the disadvantages have solution and do not outweigh the benefits. It is will be very wise to visit Singapore Digital Lock to get your digital lock now to eliminate hassle of key lock system. Visit us and make your premises, home and company more secure than any other technique.


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